Are you finding next instagram or snapchat ? here is your Answer "Tik-Tok". Surprise ! Tik-Tok app can be used in business promotion, yes it can be and will help you to grow your audience in targeted area. this app used by near about 795 million internationally and it was the most downloaded app on apple app store in Q1 2018.

Tik-Tok is an app used by ios and android users to create and share 15 second video. It is mostly same as social media platform where you can grow your followers and fans. people find your videos by username or hashtags which is more popular in social media.

Which Business can Promote on Tik-tok ?

If you are educator or digital marketing influencer or your are a fashion Designer. Mostly business used video promotion for their brand, here we add some twist n fun in our ad and capture most targeted area of audience.

Tik-tok cover mostly younger audience than other social media platform. If you can create videos that attract to the this younger clientle on TikTok, it could be a valuable marketing tool for your business.

How it Works ?

App downloads of Tik-tok is increasingly fastly because of its uniqueness. it takes your only 15 second to attract people with more creativity. Top influencer of Tik-tok app used their acting skill to showcase their talent or someone used it for creating some funny moment. you can target your audience by combining acting, fun and your feature in less time with more reach.

Advertisement @ Tik-tok

If you want to promote your product or service Digitally, then Tik-tok can be a platform for targeting younger audience. there are four types of ads you can create on Tik-tok.

1) Infeed Native Content

Tiktok videos has limit of 15 second to promote your brand iin this platform, along with that you can use this app to increase your website traffice, ctr, impressions and video views.

2) Brand Takeovers

You can use images, gif in this category to promote your product and service and increase click of your website. brand takeovers is exclusive to one brand every day. It will help you for impressions, unique reach and clicks.

3) Hashtag Challenge

Hashtag Challenge is used to promote your hashtags on this platforms. hashtag challenge will contain a link that directs the users to the product or service page where they can see the details of the product or service and the featured instructions.

4) Go for fun, unique and creative content

Unique tool of Tiktok for influencer marketing in 2019 is that you dont need high quality content or videos to make impact on targeted audience. User reaction guide you on how to best influence prospective of younger audience.

5) Tik-tok Official ad Platform.

Tik-tok launched official paid ad platform where you can set your ad as per targeted demographics of your audience. It will increase the visibility of your brand in social media and convert your audience to customers. here is the link for Tik-tok official ad Platform .