Starting a new restaurant is like baking a cake, you have to have all ingredients in the right proportion. The right ingredients at the right time gives you a scent of success. Building a website as important as spices in the taste of delicious food, let's see how building a website can be your partner in the way of success.

1. Low Advertising Costs

Traditional marketing and commercials are expensive. With a website, you can display an endless amount of information at a tiny cost. Website is available 24/7 to anyone with internet access and you can easily update digital information on your website whereas the cost of re-printing flyers is far greater.

2. You Can Give Key Information 24 by 7

A website gives you a platform to provide the basic information to your customers who may need to know about your restaurant including hours of operation, directions, payment methods, and more. By answering these simple questions, you can reduce the time your managers and staff need to spend answering phone calls. You can also keep customers aware of any promotions, such as lunch deals or Christmas offers.

3. You Can Include Customer Testimonials

You can include customer feedback on your website i.e testimonials or if your restaurant has been lucky enough to be featured in a publication such as a review by a restaurant critic in a blog, you can link to this from your site. This will help to build your restaurant’s credibility.

A website may also enhance your chances of being reviewed by bloggers as they have a resource to gain information about your history to add to their article.

4. Increases Awareness of Your Business

When people are looking for information the first place they will look is on the web. It is important that if someone is looking for your business they can find the information that they need quickly so they are less likely to become disgruntled and consider your competitor(s).

5. You Can Improve Search Rankings

By investing time into search engine optimization (SEO) you can help your business show for related search terms. For example, if your website shows for someone searching ‘late-night café’, ‘Indian restaurant’ or ‘family-friendly pub’ you will gain more exposure and hopefully more customers.

6. You Can Build a Solid Brand Image

A website will help your business to build a professional image. Particularly if you are just starting, a website is a great method for helping customers become acquainted with your brand. With the correct marketing, it may even convince customers to seek you out and try for themselves. High-quality images will help entice customers to visit.

7. Differentiate Your Business from the Competition

If all of your competitors have an online presence it only makes sense that you should too. Many competing restaurants may already use a website to promote themselves; stealing your business. A well-presented easy to use website will help you highlight what you do well and may persuade customers to pick you over alternatives. Lack of a website may also suggest that you are no willing to invest in your business

8. Book Online Features

You can easily add an online booking link or app to your website giving your customers a quick way to make reservations on the go.

9. A Way to Promote Other Services

A website gives you a channel to promote your other services. Offer catering or private events? Creating pages for these and using SEO (see point 5!) can generate more business.

By answering these basic questions, you can decrease the amount of time your managers and staff need to spend answering phone calls.

Interested in Setting Up a Website for your Restaurant?

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